söndag 24 januari 2016

Once Agaim..

Snow White photo large_zps2e4566e9.jpg
“Snow White Queen”
Night Ladys Star
Farewell my snow white queen..
Your company was delightful..
I will never forget the beauty you showed me..
Night Ladys Star
Nor the pleasures enjoyed in your presence..
Once again I must say farewell..
To a beautiful snow white queen..
That captured my heart..
Night Ladys Star
Andrew Castillo

fredag 1 januari 2016

En ny början..

Christmas photo 21Lykta01_zpsf38db986.jpg
“Goodbye 2015”
Good bye good bye, Our year is done..
We worked we played we had some fun..
So let's be happy and safe and kind..
As we welcome another one..
Happy 2016!
Christmas photo xx01__10__zps928892a0.png
“January Now is here”
A fine new start For a whole new year..
The snow comes down In the dark of night,,
When we awake The world is white..
Christmas photo xx01__10__zps928892a0.png
In January When there's snow..
We get our sleds And away we go..
Snow White
Christmas photo ch03_zpso5a87eh1.png